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Responsible for overseeing and managing the overall operations, strategy, and profitability of a real estate company, The CEO works closely with the board of directors and collaborates with other key stakeholders to drive business growth, maximize revenue, and ensure the company's success in the highly competitive real estate market.

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viren Mehta


1. Strategic Planning and Leadership

Develop and execute the company's strategic plan, including short-term and long-term goals, to drive business growth and achieve financial targets.

Provide strong leadership and guidance to the management team and employees, fostering a positive and high-performance work culture.

Identify new market opportunities, emerging trends, and potential risks to guide decision-making processes.

2. Financial Managemen

Oversee financial operations, including budgeting, forecasting, and financial reporting, to ensure the company's financial stability and profitability.

Analyze financial statements and key performance indicators (KPIs) to identify areas for improvement and implement strategies to optimize financial performance.

Establish and maintain relationships with banks, investors, and financial institutions to secure necessary funding for real estate projects.

3. Business Development and Client Relationship

Develop and maintain strong relationships with clients, real estate investors, and industry stakeholders to identify potential business opportunities, partnerships, and collaborations.

Lead the business development efforts to expand the company's real estate portfolio, negotiate contracts, and secure new projects.

Provide excellent customer service and ensure client satisfaction to maintain long-term relationships and foster repeat business.

4. Real Estate Operations and Project Management

Oversee the acquisition, development, and management of real estate assets, including residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

Collaborate with project teams and ensure effective project management, including feasibility studies, site selection, planning, design, construction, and post-construction activities.

Monitor and evaluate project performance, budgets, and timelines to ensure successful project delivery.

5. Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Stay updated with local, state, and national real estate laws, regulations, and zoning requirements.

Ensure compliance with all legal and regulatory obligations related to real estate transactions, contracts, permits, licenses, and environmental standards.

Manage relationships with legal counsel and regulatory authorities to mitigate legal risks and resolve any disputes or issues that may arise.

6. Team Management and Development

Recruit, train, and develop a high-performing team of professionals across various functions, such as sales, marketing, finance, operations, and project management.

Foster a collaborative and inclusive work environment, promoting teamwork, professional growth, and employee engagement.

Conduct performance evaluations, provide feedback, and implement strategies to enhance employee productivity and retention.

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About WiseVision Realty

Wise vision Realty is a leading multinational real estate firm with an erudite team of professionals dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions to occupiers, developers, and investors. With a global presence and a deep understanding of the real estate market, Wise vision Realty is committed to delivering exceptional services tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of its clients.

We (Wise Vision Realty Pvt Ltd. ) shape the future of real estate for a better world

Wise vision Realty understands that occupiers require strategic real estate solutions to support their business operations and enhance their workplace environments. The firm offers occupiers a range of services including lease negotiation and renewal, workplace strategy and design, relocation assistance, and corporate advisory. By leveraging their expertise and market knowledge, Wise vision Realty helps occupiers optimize their space utilization, align their real estate strategies with business objectives, and create productive and efficient workspaces.

Wise vision Realty understands that occupiers require strategic real estate solutions to support their business operations and enhance their workplace environments. The firm offers occupiers a range of services including lease negotiation and renewal, workplace strategy and design, relocation assistance, and corporate advisory. By leveraging their expertise and market knowledge, Wise vision Realty helps occupiers optimize their space utilization, align their real estate strategies with business objectives, and create productive and efficient workspaces.
For developers seeking to embark on real estate projects, Wise vision Realty provides invaluable assistance throughout the development process. The firm offers expert advice on development planning, project financing, sustainability and green building consulting, and due diligence. Wise vision Realty's erudite team collaborates closely with developers to identify opportunities, formulate effective strategies, and successfully bring projects to fruition. Their expertise in market research and analysis enables developers to make informed decisions based on accurate market insights.

Wise vision Realty recognizes the importance of prudent investment strategies in the real estate sector. With a focus on helping investors maximize their returns, the firm offers a comprehensive range of services in investment and capital markets. This includes investment strategy advice, capital market solutions, transaction advisory, and portfolio diversification. Wise vision Realty’s erudite team assists investors in identifying lucrative investment opportunities, assessing risks, and raising capital for real estate investments.

With a commitment to excellence, Wise vision Realty leverages its erudite team's knowledge, market insights, and strong industry relationships to deliver optimal solutions to occupiers, developers, and investors. The firm's global presence enables them to navigate diverse markets and provide valuable guidance on local and international real estate opportunities. Whether it's negotiating leases, managing development projects, or advising on investment strategies, Wise vision Realty is dedicated to delivering exceptional services that drive success and create long-term value for its clients in the dynamic and competitive real estate industry.



Invest in or lease office property, and create environments that attract tenants, employees, or buyers.

  • Invest in office buildings
  • Find office space
  • Manage office property & portfolio
  • Deliver office projects
  • Personal portfolio management

Invest in, develop, lease and manage industrial property, and get supply chain advice.

  • Develop supply chain strategy
  • Find industrial space
  • Sell or lease industrial space
  • Personal portfolio management

Deliver great experiences for shoppers - from high streets to shopping malls.

  • Restructure lease and debt
  • Transform with technology
  • Invest in retail property
  • Design & build
  • Renovate or redevelop
  • Personal portfolio management

As urban living experts, we can help you get the most out of the cities you love to live in. Our unique understanding and research into the residential market means we can support your ambitions to buy, sell, rent, or invest.

Let's talk about what we can do for you.

Hotels & hospitality

Get more from your hotel, leisure or hospitality property at every stage throughout its lifecycle - from investment to disposition.


Invest in, develop, lease, and manage property in non-traditional asset classes.

Data Centers

Make smart location decisions when you're leasing or investing in data centers. Reduce operating costs, improve environmental impact, and increase uptime.

Find data center space

Evaluate energy profiles, free cooling, natural hazard risks, economic incentives, and more to find the right market and facility location. After selecting a property, negotiate lease terms to ensure a favorable, flexible agreement.

Deliver data center projects

Develop, upgrade, or construct data center space. Get advice and project management support for master planning, project feasibility, and financing for anything from a ground-up build to a modest retrofit.

Manage data center facilities

Ensure continuous operation with proactive, offsite data center monitoring paired with 24/7 onsite facility management and support. Mitigate the risks of downtime with reliable staff, proven testing and procedures, and built-in reliability and redundancies.

Invest in data centers

Stay on top of data usage trends and property performance statistics to determine if data centers are the right addition to your investment portfolio. Get an existing investment in front of prospective users or buyers with targeted property marketing.

Expert in

Wise Vision Realty

Wise Vision Realty is a premier real estate company that specializes in providing exceptional real estate services to clients worldwide. With years of experience in the industry, we have built a solid reputation for delivering outstanding results and exceeding our clients' expectations.

At Wise Vision Realty, we understand that buying or selling a property can be a significant decision and a complex process. Our team of dedicated real estate professionals is committed to guiding you through every step of the real estate journey, ensuring a smooth and successful transaction..

Property Acquisition and Disposition

Assisting clients in buying or selling real estate properties, including residential, commercial, and industrial assets.

Leasing and Tenant Representation

Facilitating lease agreements between property owners and tenants, providing advice on occupancy requirements and market trends.

  • Budget Costing Advice
  • Market Dynamics (New Supply Take up, Rental Movements)
  • Premises Search & Identification
  • Financial & Qualitative Analysis
  • Lease Negotiation & Restructuring
  • Rent Review & Negotiations
  • Portfolio Planning, Review & Consolidation
Investment Sales

Assisting in the sale and acquisition of income-generating properties, such as office buildings, retail centers, and apartment complexes.

  • Land Acquisition
  • Consulting & Advisory
  • Property Management
  • Project Management
  • Structuring Investment
Property Management

Asset Management: Overseeing the performance and value enhancement of real estate portfolios on behalf of property owners or investors.

Facilities Management: Providing comprehensive management services for the maintenance, operations, and optimization of commercial buildings and facilities.

Lease Administration: Managing lease documentation, rent collection, and tenant relations on behalf of property owners.

Financial Reporting: Providing regular financial reports, budgets, and performance analysis to property owners or investors.

  • Industrial Transaction Advisory
  • Supply Chain & Logistics Solutions (SC&LS)
  • Industrial Consulting (Icon)
  • Port Airport and Global Infrastructure (PAGI)
Valuation and Advisory

Property Valuation: Conducting comprehensive property valuation assessments to determine market value, investment potential, and risk analysis.

Feasibility Studies: Evaluating the viability of real estate development projects, considering market conditions, financial projections, and regulatory requirements.

Market Research and Analysis: Conducting in-depth research on local and global real estate markets, providing insights and market forecasts to clients and investors.

Portfolio Strategy: Assisting clients in formulating effective real estate investment strategies based on market trends, risk assessment, and financial objectives.

Real Estate Development and Consulting

Development Planning: Assisting clients and developers in formulating development strategies, including land acquisition, design, construction, and project management.

Project Financing: Advising on financial structures and securing funding for real estate development projects, including debt and equity financing options.

Sustainability and Green Building Consulting: Providing expertise on sustainable building practices, energy efficiency, and LEED certifications.

Due Diligence: Conducting thorough assessments and risk analysis for real estate transactions, including legal, financial, and environmental due diligence.

  • Asset management
  • Risk Management
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Vendor and Services management
  • Mall management/Mall Marketing
  • Consultancy Services (Operations Audit, Building Appraisal, and CAM Benchmarking)
Corporate Real Estate Services

Corporate Advisory: Assisting corporations in managing their real estate portfolios, optimizing space utilization, and aligning real estate strategies with business objectives.

Lease Negotiation and Renewals: Negotiating lease terms, lease renewals, and rental agreements on behalf of corporate clients.

Workplace Strategy and Design: Providing consultancy on workplace design, space planning, and optimizing employee productivity and well-being.

Relocation Services: Assisting companies with relocating offices, managing the logistics, and ensuring a smooth transition.

  • Project Monitoring
  • Development Advisory
  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Renovation and Refurbishment
Investment and Capital Markets

We provide Comprehen sive Retail Real Estate solutions including retail advisory, marketing and transaction management. We cater the services for Wide gamut of clients including leading Retailers, F&B players, Multiplexes, PE funds, Landlords and Developers like

Investment Strategy: Advising investors on real estate investment opportunities, risk assessment, and portfolio diversification.

Capital Markets: Assisting clients in raising capital for real estate investments, including private equity, joint ventures, and institutional financing.

Transaction Advisory: Providing support and expertise in complex real estate transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, and portfolio dispositions.

  • New Market Entry Strategy
  • Development Consultancy
  • Construction / Fit-out Management
  • Tenant Mix
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Mall Management

With Experience, knowledge and expertise to serve corporate, real estate developers, logistics & warehousing developers, private equity funds, investors as well as government agencies, we adopt integrated approach of technical & financial feasibility of land parcels providing greater leverage in commercial negotiations.

  • Corporate Land Disposition
  • Corporate/ Developer Land Acquisitions
  • Joint Venture / Joint Development Structuring
  • Sourcing/ Disposing of 'Transfer of Development Rights'
  • Land Mapping, Land Advisory, Built To Suit Opportunities
  • Portfolio Evaluation and Rationalization
  • Consolidation and Restructuring Strategy with Multi City Transactions
Capital markets

We have High level of access to national and international capital through our global presence and local expertise and experience in structuring Debt, Equity, Mezzanine transactions, capital syndication and investment advisory for real estate funds, developers and infrastructure players. Our services Include

  • Capital Market Advisory
  • Structured Equity Syndication
  • Debt Syndication
  • Investment Acquisitions and Divestment
  • Industry Analysis and Projections
  • Key statistics - industry size, annual growth etc
  • Industry issues (threats & opportunities)
  • Key external drivers
  • Blogs on leading industry trends & their impact on real estate


Dynamic Professional with 21 years of experience in Real Estate and Banking with focus on top-line & bottom-line performance; expertise in determining company's mission & strategic direction as conveyed through policies & objectives

Hands-on experience in handling transactions including implementing risks management policies & controlling mechanisms, procedures and systems to detect transactions outside established parameters

Distinction of working overseas at Equitorial Trust Bank Plc, Lagos, Nigeria in Retail Banking and Wealth Management

Served as a core team member of Trade Finance, CMS, Audit and Risk & Compliance

Proficiency in monitoring various banking operations and maintaining long-term relationships by providing high quality service

Conversant with various products including Trade Finance, Cash Management, Treasury and General Banking Product

Demonstrated excellence in formulating corporate goals, short & long term budgets, developing business plans for accomplishment of target and goal for all the branches of the organisation

Proficient in conceptualising and implementing the competent strategies with a view to penetrate new accounts and expand existing ones for a wide range of products and services

Expertise in penetration, churn and enhancing revenue by adding new channels and enhancing market coverage

Leading, training & monitoring performance of team members to ensure efficiency in the operations; successfully led a team of more than 2500

Possesses excellent interpersonal, communication and organisational skills with proven abilities in training & development, customer relationship management and planning


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WiseVision Realty Pvt Ltd

Jan'23 - Present

CEO & Founder

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July'21 - Dec'2022

MD – Office Leasing

Jones Lang LaSalle bank logo

Jones Lang LaSalle

July'18 - July'2021

India as Sr Director & Head Transactions

ING Vysya bank logo

ING Vysya Bank

jun'11 - Dec'14

Head - Central & North Gujarat

Equatorial Trust bank logo

Equatorial Trust Bank

Mar'09 - Mar'11

Country Head - Retail Banking & Wealth Management

Yes bank logo

Yes Bank

July'08 - Mar'09

Vice President (Head - Retail Banking & Wealth Management)

HDFC bank logo


Feb'02 - june'08

Gujarat, India as State Head - Retail Banking & As Branch Manager

Axis bank logo

Axis Bank

2001 - 2002

ABN Amro bank logo

ABN Amro Bank

1998 - 2001

My skills

Wealth Management
Audit and Inspection
Fund Management
Variance Analysis
Statutory Compliance
MIS Reporting
Team Management
Trade Finance / FOREX Operations
Setting-up Business Operations
Stakeholder Management
Retail Credit & Banking Operations
Strategic Business Planning
Client & Product Management
Best Practices Implementation
Business Transformation
Delivery Process Management
Relationship Management
Risk Management/ Budgetary Control

Drive for results, planning & Execution Excellence, Customer Centricity, Collaboration & Team work

Building effective client relationship to service client needs on commercial banking, investment banking & international banking & international banking products

Well versed with business drivers & the market enviroment including regulatory framework, international banking Practices, market forcse & competition across varied geographies

Developing strategy for product pricing & positioning; handling process & customer life cycle management/segmentation

Career Milestones

ING Vysya Bank

Delivered highest performance PAN India in all lines in 2013-14

Planning and coordinating administrative procedures and systems and devising ways to streamline processes. Recruiting and training personnel and allocate responsibilities and office space. Assessing staff performance and provide coaching and guidance to ensure maximum efficiency.

Got Best Performance Rating by delivering superlative in CASA, Quality Assets (Retail and BB), Highest Fee Income (including Trade Forex and Wealth revenue), Surged 75%Primary Customer base, All business unites got satisfactory Audit / Operation ratings and Maintained highest Service Quality

Recipient of Best Performer Awards PAN India & Qualified for 3 Conventions & Regional contests. Achieved numerous other employee recognitions in ING Vysya Bank & HDFC Bank in 2011-2012

Recognised for consistently delivering high sales & growth no's QoQ (Interest income up by 25 % & FEE income by 120%) across retail banking products such as Liabilities, Investment, Insurance, Mortgages, Remittances & CASA

Successfully managed portfolio profitability of INR 20 million on balance sheet & INR 40 million off balance sheet, channel assets consisting Gold, Cards & Fee products / GL size 7.50 Billion

Established 10 new branches and ensured penetration of new verticals & customer segments in potential Tier II sectors

Ensured that all business units are risk free (best rated in audit) and in customer service

Pivotal in generating profitability by upping 35 % of FEE Income & bagged increase in Interest income by 27 %

Equatorial Trust Bank

Actualized concept of LC & Trade Finance e by fostering tie-ups & international deals which enhanced revenue by 200 % inETB, Nigeria in 2010.

Championed all aspects of Branch banking & managed multi state businesses generating $ 1 million in revenue in 2009.

Established 20 new high-end flagship branches & profitably managed branch distribution network of over 110 branches across Tier I & II cities as National Head.

Directly interfaced & influenced revenue in 130+ retail banking branches as well as private client areas.

Revamped & managed indirect lending, floor planning & servicing areas to appropriate risk return & profitability.

Yes Bank

Increased revenue from business units & portfolio managed over 70 % & successfully created 30% efficiency in business expenses, resulting in profitability despite market downturn in 2008 -09.


Established new branch & new break-even benchmark record of 9 months.

Got rated 5A-best rating for an individual at HDFC Bank (CBOP).

Successfully shaped the branch banking business, contributing 42% to regional revenue, making Gujarat, the #2 in the country in terms of net income from a loss making territory in span of less than a year.



Masters in Marketing & Management from M.S. University - Vadodara


NSE's Certification of Financial Market with Distinctions

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